Outstanding service and personal atention by Paul Misrachi

A Cabo San Lucas wedding is a moment to cherish forever, and Helix Audiovisual is the Cabo photographer that can take the pictures to help you remember it. Helix Audiovisual has over 10 years of experience in Cabo photography at numerous weddings. Those who have Baja weddings or weddings at other nearby locations or world wide can also use our services. We believe that weddings should be photographed by someone who, not only knows the area, but has the experience and talent to give you the finest Cabo San Lucas wedding photos possible. If you are planning a wedding in Los Cabos or somewhere else nearby, please continue exploring our site and don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Creating wedding images...

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Creating wedding images is an Art. The art of anticipation to make sure you get the right shot at the right time, the art and professionalism to feel the camera as an extension of your hand and eyes. Beautiful wedding pictures have nothing to do with good luck or good aim, is an art, The art of translating your ideas into photos, and making sure your feel comfortable during your wedding. The photographer must know when to push the button, and the bride and groom should enjoy all, live it all and together we will make your wedding images an art form and a way to preserve this special day for ever.

Creating wedding video; is an amazing and complex art to. The big and beautiful difference from stills; is the audio!! To make an harmony between the live images, the movement and the audio is a complete new story. The post production, of a wedding video; is a constant and great challenge, that needs a real sensitive touch to make a final and beautiful video.



Photography - Video - Sound System

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A perfect combination to remember your wedding day; is capturing every detail possible; we offer you all the audiovisual possibilities for doing it so. With our Video, Photo and Audio packages; we can create a perfect team work to make the best digital memory of your wedding day; trust us; you must have it all.

See everything that we offer you, a movie sideshow, a Web page, a Coffee table book and all photos done free of copyright, DVD wedding video with all the chapters of your event, (Ceremony, Reception, First dance, Speeches, etc.)
We charge by the hour, and special discounts apply for long services or photo and video services.
Contact Us by filling this
contact form, find out our availability, or fell free to ask us anything you might want to know about our services, or other things like getting married in Cabo, Los Cabos as a location, best locations, venues or any other question want. Thanks for reading, keep it up, shop around and find out we are the best option in town.





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Photographs can never really be objective records of history; photographers inject their own artistic attitudes into their work. In wedding photography Bride, groom and wedding party take action in this process and need to participate having fun, and enjoying the day to achieve great wedding photography.
We need to become a team, have fun and play around, for photojournalist wedding photography or for staged Cabo wedding photography, the relation with you photographer is vital, we invite you to contact us, an establish a link, a conection, and let us be part of your wedding one of your guests with a couple of big cameras. We are cabo wedding photographer experts, we know the area, the light, the way of a ceremony, but we need you to help us blend in. Is all about working toghether from the start while making your custom wedding photography package, during the day, and after the event while we produce your books, and continue to provide you with great service.


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A wedding Photographer in Los Cabos

Please sample some of the work we have done for our other clients. It is important not to hire just anyone to photograph your wedding. Paul Misrachi, an experienced Cabo photographer, weddings are his forte, and he is highly skilled at capturing pictures that can be shared for a lifetime. When choosing from amongst the different Cabo photographers, it is also important to ensure they are using only the best digital equipment. Helix AV uses only top of the line equipment, so you can rest assured knowing that your photos will be an accurate and beautiful depiction of your Cabo San Lucas wedding. We also have the knowledge and equipment to video tape your Baja wedding, in addition to the weddings of many other nearby localities. We use steady cam technology to ensure that your wedding video will be as smooth as a Hollywood movie. You don't have to wait months to see your photos. Since all our equipment is digital, we can have your Cabo San Lucas wedding photographs back to you in four days and your videos back in seven days. Whether you have a wedding in Baja, or the surrounding area, your photos can be back and waiting by the time you return from your honeymoon.


A Los Cabos Wedding Photographer

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When you are planning your Los Cabos wedding, you want the best wedding photographer around. Based in Los Cabos, Baja California, Mexico, we are open 365 days a year and travel to almost any location. The essentials for a Baja wedding are: a Cabo San Lucas photographer, a beautiful location for the ceremony, and you. Luckily, Cabo San Lucas already has two of these necessities; Helix Audiovisual and the gorgeous Baja landscape. As a Cabo photographer, we know where the most breathtaking scenes for your wedding can be found. Your wedding in Los Cabos should be something to remember and cherish for the rest of your life. Therefore, you wouldn't want any other photographer taking pictures at your wedding. We use all digital equipment, so there's no running out of film or a need to change film rolls. This allows us to take many, many pictures and clean-up or modify any photo quickly and easily. This means that you can have your Cabo San Lucas wedding photos before you even get back from your honeymoon. We can deliver your photos on whatever medium you prefer. Whether it's prints, on a CD, or Online, it's all possible with Helix Audiovisual. When you hire us, you are going to receive a small Web site so that you can share your photos with friends and family wherever they may be.