The Production.

Creating wedding images is an Art. The art of anticipation to make sure you get the right shot at the right time, the art and professionalism to feel the camera as an extension of your hand and eyes. Beautiful wedding pictures have nothing to do with good luck or good aim, is an art, The art of translating your ideas into photos, and making sure your feel comfortable during your wedding. The photographer must know when to push the button, and the bride and groom should enjoy all, live it all and together we will make your wedding images an art form and a way to preserve this special day for ever. Creating wedding video; is an amazing and complex art to. The big and beautiful difference from stills; is the audio!! To make an harmony between the live images, the movement and the audio is a complete new story. The post production, of a wedding video; is a constant and great challenge, that needs a real sensitive touch to make a final and beautiful video.